Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here's How to Make Real Money on NeoBux! Min. Payout $2

One of the most popular sites in PTC ads industry is Neobux. It has a good reputation of paying its members since 2008. Some people think clicking PTC ads on Neobux or other legitimate PTC sites will not earn them real money. A lot of people are really impatient. Here's a guide on how to earn thru Neobux even without direct referrals. You would not be earning big money on Neobux just like that. You should start from scratch like clicking ptc ads for a few cents everyday until you reached $2 minimum payout. If I were you, don't cash out immediately. The secret of success in Neobux is thru referrals, direct or rented. Direct referrals are those who sign up under you while rented referrals are those who click PTC ads for you for a month. May I remind you, you can only have direct referrals after 15 days of being a user and having at least 100 clicks credited. If you don't have direct referrals, you can rent referrals on Neobux. Before you can rent referrals, you should have at least $3.00 on your Neobux acct.Once you have that amount, transfer it immediately to your rented balance and rent 3 referrals. Once a referral is inactive, you can easily exchange them for an active one. If you rent referrals, make sure that you click your ads everyday or it will affect the amount you earn from your referrals.

As soon as you acquired your first 3 referrals, you should turn AutoPay on. Rented referrals cost $.30 to keep. Autopay will help you pay for your referrals in automatic mode every month. Don't cash out as soon as you get a lot of rented referrals to work for you (at least 500). Once you reached $100, you can upgrade to Golden Membership where you get additional benefits. I guarantee you you'll earn more and you won't say clicking on Neobux PTC ads is a waste of time. Click on the banner below to join Neobux.

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