Sunday, July 27, 2008

English Translation of Qiang Qiang

(Ella Chen of Hana Kimi wrote and dedicated the song "Qiang Qiang" for her dog, which she will always love. Qiang Qiang passed away June 4, 2007 during surgery. All the money she earns from the song will be donated to charity and the Taiwan animal shelter.)

I still remember you like to nip at my hand
And then give me the ball in your mouth
Want me to play with you

You like it when I touch your little ear
Nest at my side, No worries
Roaming through the dream

Good doggie, good doggie
Thank you for staying with Mommy for so long
You most certainly have not left me
Just moving to heaven to live

*Qiang Qiang, you need to remember me
Do not get lost
Hurry up and find your angel
In Heaven give us your protection

*Qiang Qiang, do not forget me
And all the dear Aunties, Uncles, and your friends
You will forever live in our memories

Qiang Qiang, thank your for staying with me for so long
I, we were able to experience so many happy things


Qiang Qiang thank you


Right now out there
There are lots of animals who don't have homes
So I have to take all of my feelings and hurt
I have to take all my love for you...
And share it with them
I hope all of you friends can help me
In helping these very needy animals
Qiang Qiang, you need to protect us!


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