Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Legit Income Opportunities! All Paying! Extra Income for All!

These are my extra income opportunities! Legit and Paying! Join one or all! If you have questions, add and PM me:


   You automatically become a member once you buy a box or product pack of Green Barley (42 bottles) for a discounted price of P8995. One bottle is worth P275. So 42 bottles of Green Barley = P11,550. You already earn P2555. Once you have 2 downlines who'll also buy a product pack you'll earn P1000. Even if you don't have a downline and just want to become a user or retailer you'll also get a commission of P500 per box. One of the easiest marketing plans in the MLM business. The secret of this company is its product. Lots  of testimonials from people from all walks of life who already got cured with their diseases using Green Barley. The product can also cure your pets. My dog got well with Green Barley.


Clixsense is one my favorite Paid to Click sites.

I suggest you become a premium member. More ads to click, more chances at the Clixgrid game plus mini jobs. To earn more you have to get direct referrals.

Join Clixsense Team Philippines! Requirements: Facebook Account, Computer or Smart Phones, Internet Connection and $17 or P850



READ our FAQ =

QUESTIONS? Contact our Text Support = 09204816656


Note: If you want to join thru Paypal just send me a message



3. NEOBUX- Another Top PTC site with a minimum payout of $2. It is possible to earn $2000 or more per month via rented referrals.


   Sign up:

4. MEGATYPERS - This is so simple! Just type the Captcha like the one below as fast and as accurately as you can and you'll earn depending on the rates per hour. There are no fees to join but you need to enter an invitation code: 3IT0

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5. EasyHits4u - Want to get easy referrals or downlines for all your online businesses? This is traffic exchange at its finest!
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

About Green Barley

 Are any of your friends or family members suffering from jaundice, asthma, constipation, skin problems, dengue, diabetes, dysmenorrhea, cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, arthritis, low energy, sleepiness, overweight, neck pain, rheumatism, constipation, bad breath, gout, rhinitis, severe back pain, frequent urination, UTI, lupus, leptospirosis, stroke and more?

Green Barley is a Superfood:

11 times the calcium in cow’s milk
5 times the iron in spinach
7 times the Vitamin C in oranges
80 mg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams
Significant amounts of chlorophyll

Get discounts and commissions by being a member of this miracle food company! You can be a member by just buying 1 box of Green Barley at a discounted price of P5995! Be healthy and help others be cured of their ailments. It can also cure your animals!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here's How to Make Real Money on NeoBux! Min. Payout $2

One of the most popular sites in PTC ads industry is Neobux. It has a good reputation of paying its members since 2008. Some people think clicking PTC ads on Neobux or other legitimate PTC sites will not earn them real money. A lot of people are really impatient. Here's a guide on how to earn thru Neobux even without direct referrals. You would not be earning big money on Neobux just like that. You should start from scratch like clicking ptc ads for a few cents everyday until you reached $2 minimum payout. If I were you, don't cash out immediately. The secret of success in Neobux is thru referrals, direct or rented. Direct referrals are those who sign up under you while rented referrals are those who click PTC ads for you for a month. May I remind you, you can only have direct referrals after 15 days of being a user and having at least 100 clicks credited. If you don't have direct referrals, you can rent referrals on Neobux. Before you can rent referrals, you should have at least $3.00 on your Neobux acct.Once you have that amount, transfer it immediately to your rented balance and rent 3 referrals. Once a referral is inactive, you can easily exchange them for an active one. If you rent referrals, make sure that you click your ads everyday or it will affect the amount you earn from your referrals.

As soon as you acquired your first 3 referrals, you should turn AutoPay on. Rented referrals cost $.30 to keep. Autopay will help you pay for your referrals in automatic mode every month. Don't cash out as soon as you get a lot of rented referrals to work for you (at least 500). Once you reached $100, you can upgrade to Golden Membership where you get additional benefits. I guarantee you you'll earn more and you won't say clicking on Neobux PTC ads is a waste of time. Click on the banner below to join Neobux.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Another extra income opportunity that I would like to introduce to you is Clixsense. The only PTC site I guess where you can earn by clicking ads, playing a game, and doing surveys and easy tasks. They reinvented the site for people to earn more than just clicking ads. Clixsense is a Paid to Click Company based in New York, USA. It started on February 2007. It already has a membership of more than 2 million worldwide and has paid more than $3 million since February 2007.

There are 4 ways on how to earn on Clixsense:
  • Click or viewing advertisements
  • Playing at ClixGrid Game
  • Accomplishing simple tasks
  • Referring others to join Clixsense

There are 2 ways to join Clixsense. First by joining free as a Standard Member. A Standard Member has  benefits like Ads to click, chances at the Clixgrid game, and tasks. But if you want earn a whole lot more income, all you have to do is to join Clixsense Team Philippines and be a ClixSense Premium Member. You'll get more Ads to click, more chances at the Clixgrid Game, and more tasks available. Not only that. You'll get the support from your sponsor and other team members as well. Memberships in ClixSenseTeamPH are available in the Philippines and Worldwide. For only P850 or $19.00 payment, these are what you will be getting by joining us:

As a ClixSense Team PH Premium Member, you should do the following:

1. Click on all available Ads at Clixsense. There are at least 4 permanent Ads daily.

    4 ads clicked x 0.01 = $0.04 per day
    $0.04 x 365 days (1yr) = $14.6

2. Play ClixGrid everyday. You have 50 chances to win $0.10 - $5.00 daily.

3. Accomplish available Easy to Do Tasks. You can earn $0.03 or more per task.

   Let's say you only did 2 tasks:
   2 tasks x $0.03 = $0.06
   $0.06 x 365 days = $21.9

4. Referring others to join Clixsense.

    Referring is Easy! Why? Compared to other Online and Offline MLM Companies
    only CSTPH has the following:
    a: We have a Sustainable and Realistic Program
    b: The Company we are Affiliated in has an Evident Source of Income such
        as Advertising, Tasks and Offers
    c: The Company we are Affiliated in is Reputable and Existing Online since 2007
    d: Our Program can be Promoted both Online and Offline
    e: We have accessible Payment Methods to pay for your Membership Fee
    f: We have Local Payment Options to Withdraw your Earnings
    g: We do NOT require Big Investments to Earn More Money from our Program
    h: We do NOT have pyramid and pairing schemes for you to earn commissions
        from your downlines
    i: We do NOT have hard to market Products to Sell
    j: We do NOT require Meet-ups and Seminars to Attend
    k: All we need is You and a Computer with Internet Connection.

Still in doubt or you have questions? Click here: Clixsense Team Philippines FAQ

So what are you waiting for? Join CLIXSENSE NOW!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Captcha Encoding thru MegaTypers - Another Extra Income Opportunity

Anyone heard of It's a captcha encoding website and one of the easiest if not the easiest to make money online.You can start working as soon as you signup and register.

What to Do? Simple!

Just type the text or captcha as shown then press ENTER. You must type it as accurately as possible within seconds.

Sample Image:

Just like that! If the image is partially unreadable just click DON'T KNOW or Esc key. But you must not do it all the time. See to it that you try your best to read the image. Don't let the timer run out. The images will start appearing one by one as you type each image.

When you would like to pause for a break, type the text and then click on SUBMIT and PAUSE. This is the only way to pause.

The amount you earn will depend on how much you work, what time you work, the accuracy of your work and also depending on rates.

Payments are made automatically every Monday when using the following e-currencies: Paypal, Liberty Reserve, Webmoney. For other payment methods such as Western Union, payments are made once a month. Before you work, be sure to read the "HELP" page. Read the Rules first to orient you the guidelines about what you shouldn't do while working in

To join MegaTypers you need to type an invitation code. You won't be able to register or work without it. Just go to, signup and then type on 3IT0 the Invitation Code Field. 

This is not a get-rich scheme. Just an opportunity to earn extra income while surfing the Internet.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Philippines is the World Hip-Hop Champion for 2008

The Philippine All-Stars won in the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship outscoring more than 30 countries. The sly moves, amazing choreography and acrobats earn for the Filipinos the respect and inspiration so much needed by the country. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

English Translation of Qiang Qiang

(Ella Chen of Hana Kimi wrote and dedicated the song "Qiang Qiang" for her dog, which she will always love. Qiang Qiang passed away June 4, 2007 during surgery. All the money she earns from the song will be donated to charity and the Taiwan animal shelter.)

I still remember you like to nip at my hand
And then give me the ball in your mouth
Want me to play with you

You like it when I touch your little ear
Nest at my side, No worries
Roaming through the dream

Good doggie, good doggie
Thank you for staying with Mommy for so long
You most certainly have not left me
Just moving to heaven to live

*Qiang Qiang, you need to remember me
Do not get lost
Hurry up and find your angel
In Heaven give us your protection

*Qiang Qiang, do not forget me
And all the dear Aunties, Uncles, and your friends
You will forever live in our memories

Qiang Qiang, thank your for staying with me for so long
I, we were able to experience so many happy things


Qiang Qiang thank you


Right now out there
There are lots of animals who don't have homes
So I have to take all of my feelings and hurt
I have to take all my love for you...
And share it with them
I hope all of you friends can help me
In helping these very needy animals
Qiang Qiang, you need to protect us!